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Democratizing Cities

The Conference

Indy Johar - 00



Introduction to Wikihouse

Wikihouse Foundation

Alastair Parvin - Wikihouse


From Start-Ups to System Change


Indy Johar - 00

From Silos to Systems


Indy Johar - 00

Manufacturing in the Open

Open hardware summit

Nick Ierodiaconou - Opendesk & Wikihouse

Design and Democracy

RSA Spotlight

Alastair Parvin - Wikihouse

Successful Collaboration

Ākāśa Innovation

Joost Beunderman - Civic Systems Lab

Open-Source Design

3D Basecamp 2014

Nick Ierodiaconou - Opendesk

Design for Collaboration

Union St Co-Design Sessions

Laura Billings & Sarah Hollingworth -Civic Systems Lab

An Introduction to OpenDesk

Team - Opendesk

Open Institute

Team - Civic Systems Lab

Architecture for the People by the People

TED Talks

Alastair Parvin - Wikihouse

A Revolution in Furniture Design 

The Guardian 

Nick Ierodiaconou & Joni Steiner - OpenDesk

Co-Working Spaces

WORKTECH 12 London

Indy Johar - 00

Do it for (y)ourself


Indy Johar - 00

The Library Lab

Brent Council

Team - 00

Playful Landscapes

Trust New Art at Kedleston

Je Ahn - Studio Weave

St Pancras Church Garden

Maria Smith and Je Ahn - Studio Weave

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