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Alastair Parvin

Alastair joined 00 in 2010 as a designer and researcher. His work has been shortlisted for the Bronze and Silver RIBA President’s medals, and he has won a number of international architecture competitions, most recently the Heathrow Third Runway competition for Greenpeace.


Alastair is co-editor of Makeshift and leader of the WikiHouse project.

Alice Fung

Alice specialises in urban strategy development and community led public space projects. Alice has experience in affordable housing, institutional and urban planning, and intelligent workspace environments.


She is @00alice on Twitter

David Saxby

David is a qualified architect with experience in designing and delivering a wide range of award-winning building projects in the UK.


He is @davidsx00 on Twitter.

Indy Johar

Indy is a co-founder of 00 and has led on behalf of 00 - the design and founding of multiple social ventures from to; he has also co-led research projects such as The Compendium for the Civic Economy, whilst supporting several 00 explorations/experiments including the, Indy is a Director of Data Science London and an Advisor to the Earth Security Initiative. He is now on behalf of 00 leading a development engine for a next generation of Impact Hubs.


He is @indy_johar on Twitter.

Joanna Stabler

Joanna focuses on growth of the organisation through culture as much as systems, building on the ethos of 00.

Joost Beunderman

Joost Beunderman has worked with 00 since late 2008, leading on a wide range of research and strategy projects. He was co-author of the ‘Compendium for the Civic Economy’ [2011] and of ‘The Empathic City’ [2012] and has led a wide range of collaborative regeneration strategy projects.

Joni Steiner

Joni is a qualified architect, OpenDesk co-founder and WikiHouse designer.


He is @jonisteineron Twitter.

Linton Ross

Linton is an Architect with in-depth experience in design, procurement and implementation of major projects. His experience was gained whilst a Project Partner at Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios prior to joining 00.

Lynton Pepper

Lynton is a qualified architect and designer at 00 with experience in low energy buildings and innovative workspace design and implementation.


He is @lyntonpepper on Twitter.

Nick Ierodiaconou

Nick is an architect, web and product designer who co-founded WikiHouse, OpenDesk and The Civic Crowd.


He is @nick_diaconou on Twitter.

Olivia Tusinski

Olivia joined 00 in 2010 as a member of the research and strategy team, leading several feasibility and qualitative studies on topics such as the future of libraries and knowledge exchange, health and well-being, and contributing to several strategies for enterprise development in North London.

Ryan Mcloughlin

Ryan is a qualified Architect who specailises in housing. At the start of 2014 he was

involved in the East London Housing project up to Stage D and a number of feasibility



He previously worked at PH+ Architects focusing in Residential and Mixed-Use projects.

Sarah Hollingworth

Sarah has expertise in both architectural design and research, specialising in education, community and co-design projects.

Tim Ahrensbach

Tim has been a member of 00 since 2010 and has over 6 years experience in designing and setting up social incubators across a range of sectors, including international development, social enterprise, youth and health.


Tim co-authored the RIBA-commended ‘Compendium for the Civic Economy’ and co-founded Hub Westminster.

He is @timahrensbach on Twitter.

Members contributed to 00 +2yrs

Bethany Wells  - a multi-talented designer and writer, with experience in architecture, performance design and interdisciplinary education.


Clara Maguire - her work focused on the areas of intervention which supports sustainable development across civic capital, inclusive economies and the zero carbon economy.

Debbie So - an urban strategist who loved social innovation and sustainable design.

Gemma Drake - specialised in engagement with communities, building an audience around a project or idea. Passionate about community-led approaches she used an ethnographic approach to explore people’s relationship to place. 

James Arthur - was a geek generalist: a full stack web developer who co-founded, OpenDesk and FabHub.

Jean Corish - she was particularly committed to the promotion of teamwork across the construction industry, specialising in materials, buildablity and craftsmanship.

Laura Billings - produced systems change for whole community benefit.

Tessy Britton - researcher and social designer worked on a range of projects that

re-designed human and organisational systems and to help make society work better.

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